More Heads in Beds…

On your final Inn and Hotel site, you would use this page to describe the history and ambiance of your property.  Since this is a demo site for Webdirexion Property Marketing Solutions, we’ll tell you a bit more about our program which is designed to help you book more rooms at higher profit points.

  • How do we increase bookings?  The short answer is that we use a package of smart marketing techniques including SEO + Blog Marketing + Social Media + Inventory Allocations to OTAs + eMail Newsletters + PPC Ads to find you the customers you need now.  Plus, your smart booking system offers a number of professional marketing opportunities including the ability for you to enable a partner to resell reservations at your property.  Just one example:  let’s say there is a wine festival in your area and the promoters would like to show lodging options on their website.  We will help you set up your system so that they are rewarded with a commission and can embed your booking portal right on their own website!  We will also enable a “book now” button on Facebook and work with you to grow your fan base on Facebook and other social venues.
  • How does Webdirexion work to increase your profit?  We work with the best on-site booking systems that are mobile ready so visitors can easily make reservations at your site.  The system also offers promotions and yield management options for smart inventory marketing.  Then we use a package of marketing tactics to bring more customers to your online booking system, saving the costs imposed by OTAs.
  • How does the administration system work?  We’d love to show you that in a no-obligation online presentation.  It’s intuitive and easy to use, and offers the ability for your reservation staff to use it while taking bookings over the phone and at your front desk.
  • What are the integrations we can use?  Your system integrates with an inventory allocator to automatically place you on all the major OTAs.  A POS system integration is available for use in small restaurants and gift shops.  Marketing integrations include MailChimp for email marketing (Webdirexion helps you maximize this).  And, there’s even time saving integrations with Accounting software.